An Intelligent Blockchain Secured Document Management Solution

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DocBloxs "Matters"

Intelligent Blockchain enabled product for the legal industry

  • Generate tamper-proof and legally unassailable agreements based on smart contract technology
  • Stronger protection for Digital IP
  • Ability to track and maintain legal chain of custody
  • Protect clients today and discourage future litigation 

Use DocBloxs Matters to simplify litigation, digitally transform your firm, and mitigate risk with clients as well as third parties through Trustless File Sharing and clear Chain of Custody for each file.


DocBloxs "Enterprise"

An Enterprise-Grade intelligent document management solution for the legal departments 

  • Blockchain enabled secure document transfer
  • Digital escrow service
  • Ability to add additional layers of protection for deeper security on top of blockchain
  • Ability to customize for smooth integration into client's workflows and infrastructure

Keep the transmission of intellectual property safe and secure across and outside of your organization with DocBloxs Enterprise so that you can focus on growth and transformation.


DocBloxs "Creative"

Legal Document Management Solution for small businesses and independent contractors

  • Protect and track your contracts, service agreements, NDA's, and other legal documents
  • Immediately detect and identify any changes to your original agreement
  • Original documents are verified and authenticated on the blockchain
  • Chain of custody is maintained

Ensure that the agreement you sign matches the terms you and the other party both agreed to.  DocBloxs Creative gives small businesses and independent contractors an edge in the general push for revenue and market respect.

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